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Australians against thinking for themselves

First and foremost, this is not a debate.  If you are a fucking moron, don’t even bother.


I have a theory about stupid people:

1. Stupid people attract other stupid people. (From here on, I will refer to a gathering of stupid people as a “Dorey”)

3. The damage inflicted by a Dorey on the wider community (aka: “normals“) is relatively negligible, given a Dorey numbering 50 stupids or less. In a situation such as this, there isn’t a sufficient number of stupids to ensure the survival of the group, as such a high concentration of fucking morons tends to increase the mortality rate of said group.  (“HEY BOB! SHOOT THE APPLE OFF MY HEAD! IT’LL BE AWESOME, WE’LL PUT IT ON YOUTUBE!”)

4. If, however, the Dorey manages to reach an activation population, it becomes malignant.  This occurs when there are so many stupids, impressionable but otherwise relatively normal people begin to join the Dorey.  This mechanism still isn’t fully understood, but it appears that if an impressionable normal sees a Dorey of sufficient population, they assume that they must be doing something right.  Once this process begins, you can see an exponential growth in the Dorey size, and a downward spiral commences.  This can lead to such societal diseases as: reality TV, television evangelists and anti-vaccination groups.

I’m not even going to draw the comparison between the religious right and these anti-vax idiots; I honestly think I’d be insulting the former and that is something I never thought I’d say.  A lot of the problem has, at it’s core, people like Meryl Dorey: attention seeking, over-compensating egotists that dramatically over-rate both their intellect and abilities.

Australians against vaccination is another prime example; the following was taken from their facebook page:

This group exists to help educate the Australian public about the dangers of vaccination & other nasties contaminating the world we live in, if you are here to learn and contribute stay if you want to argue leave.

Really? I can stay and learn? Golly, that would be grouse!

I’ve already learned that vaccination, which I had thought worked against nasties like: polio, small pox, meningitis, diphtheria, measles, rubella, mumps, tetanus, cholera, meningococcus and tuberculosis actually works with them!  I’ve also learned that anti-vaxers either failed year ten English, or are very stingy on the old commas.

“We have the right to choose and we have the right to every available shred of information to help us make that choice.”

They use every available shred of information at their disposal? Really? Judging from the scintillating conversation and grammatical convention employed on their facebook page, it appears that their research has been limited to studies written in crayon on butchers paper.

“Mj – I’m a Mum to 3 un vaccinated kids that all had interesting arrivals into this world, my eldest daughter was a planned home water birth my boy was a cesarean delivery and our baby girl born in August 2008 was a planned VBAC water birth at the hospital. Ive been researching the dangers linked to vaccines for 5 years and continue to enjoy learning and watching my very healthy kids grow.”

WHOA!  You’ve had three kids AND researched the dangers of vaccine for 5 years?!  Where DO you find the time?  Oh, wait.  I don’t think “researching” means what you think it means; if you doubt me, try referencing that Woman’s Day you read in a university assignment.

Michelle is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & aromatherapist with 12 years+ experience.

Fuck! Is this shit for real?! It must be incredibly hard to get into herbal medicine or aromatherapy. (Holy shit, you need to do massage or beauty therapy to get into aromatherapy?!) It really does make a mockery of all that effort people go through just to work in medical research; all those years doing undergraduate, post-graduate, post-doctorate studies.  Lets not forget the years spent working tirelessly under strict clinical guidelines only to suffer constant critical review from both peers and governing bodies.

Oh, and in passing: there was also that little (10 years and $2.5bn) study.  You know, the one that every alt-med wanker is trying really hard to ignore?


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